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Welcome to my page for Homemakers! Whether you stay at home, work your business out of the home with kids, or however you run the crazy world of homemaking, this site is for you! The World's SECOND Oldest Profession is a life of love and dedication. I have put together some great places for you to visit while you take a break from your full-time job of parenting. Enjoy your visit!

Good Housekeeping's Home page with Hints from Heloise, articles from the magazine, chat, much much more.

Mom's Life is a place for SAHMs with a message board, chat, free postcards, and you can even make a new friend with Email Pals.

Bored out of your Gourd? Everything here from "Fun things to do in Elevators" to "How to give your cat a pill" Very funny site, many hilarious links.

This page is under construction and was last worked on January 23, 2001! Please come back to see more revisions, and don't forget to hit refresh. Thanks for visiting The Homemaker's Haven!