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To The Kids' Corner!

Welcome to my page with great links for kids! I hope your kids find something great here. I've been searching for fun things to do on the web, and the possibilities are endless! So, have some fun, and don't hesitate to come back!

Hot Links for Cool Kids

The Kids' Zone: Web pages, art, stories created by kids - for kids, with a link breakdown by age - GREAT!
Microsoft for Kids: Fantastic site for kids to download fun AND educational games
The Happy Puppy: all games for your child to explore, downloads of free and shareware to try
Thomas the Tank Engine: Kid friendly site that links to great sites to visit, games too!
Coloring Pages: Great coloring pages to print out for your little ones
Looney Tunes: Need I say more? Great site!
Snicker On-Line: Great kids site with lots of fun
Disney: great for kids of ALL ages :)
Games Domain: Great downloads for kids
Star Wars! The New Movie: Want info on the next "Star Wars" Movie? Check this out!
National Geographic: Fun and educational environment for kids
Family.Com: Great links for kids to explore
The Discovery Channel: If you child needs help with homework or some quality learing, this is the place!
Crayola: A wonderful place and they clean up the mess!
Lego: Need I say more?
Safety Tips for Kids on the Web: Best safety tips for kids on the net. They should visit this site themselves.
Stonesoup: If you or your kids have never heard this story, it's worth the time. A great lesson
Wacky Web Tales: Grades 4 and up. Stories by children and for children

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