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Seems so long were so small

The Gift

by Michele

The day I found out about your existence, I was thrilled and scared all at once. The prospect of having another child, when my firstborn couldn't be with me was frightening. I knew what others would say: "She's having another and can't even take care of the first", or "Who is she trying to fool?" and other such comments. As I walked down the hall towards the new Dad to be I mustered up the strength to say, "Guess what? The test was positive and we're pregnant". I cringed, waiting to hear the words I didn't want to hear. Instead, I heard, "Well...I guess we're having a baby!"

As the months wore on, I felt your presence inside of me. I knew that the time was imminent, and that you soon would make your presence known to us. My daughter, confused and a little jealous, starting looking forward to your arrival with anticipation. Since having you was scheduled, everyone knew when you would arrive. They (nor we) realized that it would take you 25 long hours to arrive, or that you would be sick with fever and quiet, but you arrived otherwise healthy.

Taking you home was elation. Your big sister and grandparents came to bring you to your new home. We marveled at you, and wondered how on earth you could exist that first night at home with no sleep. However, we wondered how we would function! Taking care of you was fun and tiresome; a three hour schedule was all of my existence for months. However, soon you began to sleep through the night, and the family calmed into a more normal existence.

As you grow, I see you as a reflection of myself and Daddy. Your sweet smile, your silly laugh, and the joy you bring to our days is endless. Some days are tough, and I wonder when I will ever have time to myself, but then I realize that you are here because of love. No two people will love you more than us, and although you can't tell us yet, we know in our hearts that you feel the same. You are a gift, a lifetime of having a present to open every day.

Love, Mommy

You at your Mommie's wedding, 4/18/99
So grown up, so fast!