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Welcome to Webmommy's Weight Loss Haven!

At the Weight Loss Haven, you will find help, support, fun, jokes, serious health info and more to help you on your quest for weight loss success. I am not a doctor, and this page is not intended to provide any medical information of any kind, just info on where you can go to find out information.

Great Links to Helpful Places!
Don't Laugh! Richard Simmons' site is one of the best I've seen! Chock full of info, help and advice on everything including: shopping, exercising, eating, cooking and tips for everyday. You can e-mail Richard here too! He has helped millions, maybe he can help or inspire you.

This is the Mayo Clinic's fantastic weight and BMI (Body Mass Index), waist-to-hip ratio calculator page. Absolutely fab way to find out how you are doing. Plus links to Mayo Health: realiable and effective info to help you on your way.

The American Medical Associations Insight page with tons of helpful info, reliable with good links to follow.

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